Why composite panels create better garden rooms

Aspire Pods come with the latest generation of composite panels and latest generation cladding materials.  As well as giving you a distinctive and beautiful garden room, they also come with none of the maintenance issues associated with timber garden buildings.  We explain what makes the Forma Cladding Panels the ideal material for your new garden room and why we use it. 

Garden Pods with high-tech composite panels

composite panels for garden rooms in a showroom

The composite cladding panels are widely used in construction and especially where maintenance is difficult to do routinely.  A great example is the exterior walls of penthouses or other high-rise dwellings and buildings.  This material is also used for maintenance free decking, fencing and exterior wall cladding.  

The construction of your new garden pod comes with products meeting high environmental standards.  For instance, they come with 55% FSC Certified hardwood fibres, and these come ethically sourced from reclaimed materials.  They also have 45% high-density polyethylene. This material also comes from recycled plastic too. 

These highest quality composite materials, colour and bonding agents give you a garden pod with all the qualities of wood.  Moreover, they have the durability and substantially less maintenance as well as a much longer life span than wood.  And unlike wood materials, there’s no risk of warping, fading or rotting.

We know our customers love to use our pods. Using a synthetic wood-like material ensures they last. They’re more resistant to scratching and staining and are also built with you in mind.

Above all, we want our garden rooms to look stylish and give the right look to the garden overall. This is where these composite panels work best. The texture, look and feel is excellent. At the same time, they let you enjoy your garden room with none of the ongoing work associated with looking after traditional wood materials.

Even better, in the event any damage is done to the composite panels material, you don’t risk the damage caused by water and moisture that you would when you damage a wood panel.

Why composite panels are easy to maintain

All you need to do to keep your new pod looking fresh and like new is an occasional clean with either a jet wash or a soft brush, water and a hose. Where we’re providing a decking area outside your pod, this is from the same material. Here, it’s anti-slip and with excellent friction. As a result its safe to walk on when wet.  And these horizontal surfaces also benefit from less moisture absorption too.

How composite panels are safer for your family

The manufactured nature of the landing material makes it better then real wood.  There’s no risk of splinters, wood knots or cracks.  It’ll also withstand the knocks and scrapes of daily life better than wood as it’s particularly resistant to marking.

The excellent colour retention explained

With garden rooms constantly exposed to the elements, you want the peace of mind of a long-lasting product.  Unlike timber, our synthetic cladding panels won’t suffer from the greying associated with wood.  

The material has excellent resistance to UV light and promises lasting good looks and colour retention.  Independent testing by the material designer and manufacturer shows significantly better colour stability than timer garden room products. 

Contemporary Garden Room in Surrey made with composite panels

How to enjoy your garden even more

Many of us want to enjoy our gardens and homes without time-consuming maintenance.  The composite materials of your new garden pod promise years of enjoyment, reliability and durability. 

So whether you plan on a new pod for work, play, the family or relaxation, we’ve chosen the latest in material technology over real wood for an Aspire Pod.

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