Schuco and Cortizo compared with Origin

The Aspire bifolding doors range comprises some of the best brands on the market. Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors are two of our best and often compared with Origin, another excellent brand.

With all bifolds being an excellent solution for home, we help you understand what makes each of our bifolding door brands different and reasons to consider the merits of each one.

Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors

understanding Schuco and cortizo bifolding doors with Origin

The first thing to consider when buying new bifolding doors is the manufacturer. In other words, what company is behind and making the doors you’re buying? Origin is one of the best known brands on the market. Whether you choose the ultra slim OB-49 bifold or the classic OB-72, both come with the renowned Origin quality and extended manufacturer guarantee.

Different manufacturers make Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors. However this does not make them inferior in any way. Our doors come from one of the biggest approved Schuco and Cortizo manufacturers. The Cortizo bifold also comes branded as the Dutemann FD120. Dutemann is well-established as one of the premier door suppliers in the UK. Even better, Aspire enjoy an excellent relationship as a premium supplier of Schuco and Cortizo system doors.

aesthetics and bifolding door sightlines

When comparing Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors with Origin, sightlines and aesthetics is another important feature to look at.

All these top brands come designed as contemporary bifolding doors. As well as a quality construction, they come with flatline profiles giving a sleeker look compared with more traditionally styled bifolds, with rounded profiles.

You can see all our bifolding door brands in our showroom side by side, and this is the best way to look at their aesthetics and overall sightlines.

With bifolding doors closed much of the year, thanks to the UK weather, choosing a slimline bifold may be important. Sightlines are important when looking at closed doors, where the panels join together. Here is how our bifolding doors range compares for sightlines

  • Origin OB-49 110mm
  • Schuco bifolding doors, 121mm slimmer than most other brands
  • Cortizo or FD120 Dutemann doors, 120mm virtually the same as Schuco
  • Dutemann FD85 105mm is the slimmest

So why are sightlines important? Simply put, slim sightlines mean you get less visible aluminium, more glass and a better outlook out to your patio or garden. Therefore, when viewing bifolding doors, close the door set, stand back, and look at the overall sightlines of the doors.

Bifolding Door Panel Sizes

When comparing Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors with Origin, you may want to think about the sizes of your door panels. For existing openings, replacing dated doors, this is less important. Knowing the size capability of your bifolds is important when deciding how wide or high you’d like your doors to span in new extensions.

All our doors offer excellent door panel widths at up to 1.2m wide. Again, the wider the doors, the bigger the glass sizes, the better the views.

For the heights, Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors go up to 3m high. Origin up to 2.7m high.

If you’d like to get the best out of your door opening, our Dutemann FD85 bifolding door offers impressive panel widths of up to 1.35m wide. The benefit of this size is allowing you to have just three panels in a 4.050m wide door opening. All the other brands require four panels. Furthermore, one less panel means less visible aluminium when looking at closed doors.

schuco and cortizo bifolding doors

Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors compared with Origin for Options.

Aluminium, of course, offers some of the best colour options on the market. For colour, all these best bifolding door brands come with a substantial colour choice. As well as the popular grey colours, there is black, white, metallic and even a different colour inside and out.

Origin doors have the advantage of also coming in the latest woodgrain aluminium finish, if that is your style. Schuco doors offer anodised colours and a greater choice of modern metallics. Cortizo/Dutemann FD120 come in lots of standard colours, or special powder coated finishes to order.

For the handles and hardware, Origin is well-known for the best colour options. Not only can you have standard metal hardware colours, but Origin doors also come with full colour matching. It’s possible with an Origin door to paint the hinges, rollers, and handles the same as the frames. Even better is Origin’s option of coloured door gaskets. Schuco and Cortizo bifolding doors only come with black gaskets.

So if hardware colours are on your list, Origin provides the most choice.

Other information about Schuco, Cortizo and Origin bifolding doors

All of our high quality, expertly-made bifolding door brands offer a smooth and reliable slide action. Our advice is visit our showroom and try out the doors. We are sure you’ll be impressed with their functionality. Schuco doors are arguably the best for folding/sliding action – the German engineering of this premium brand is unmatched.

Cortizo doors provide a more affordable solution to Schuco while giving you the same sightlines. Therefore, if you love the Schuco product, Cortizo bifolding doors provide a credible alternative option.

Finally, is the option for steel-look bifolding doors. The slimline nature of these doors makes them suitable as a steel styled door and we’ve even got a dedicated system in our Epsom showroom that’s one of the best.

Find your perfect bifolding doors with aspire.

Using only the best manufacturers and the best brands ensures you get the best choice to suit your style, budget and property project. Contact us today to get a free quotation and discuss your project requirements. Our bifolding door range promises to transform your property with a desirable, functional and reliable bifolding door.

Best of all? All our bifolding doors come with a 20 year guarantee.