Understanding sliding door thresholds

Sliding door thresholds are complex engineered aluminium profiles designed for smooth sliding doors, weather protection and overall door security. Just like bifolding door thresholds, it’s perfectly possible to get that desirable low track, near-flush floors and a minimal step out to your patio area or garden.

In this article, we help you understand the process for achieving the perfect sliding door threshold level giving you the best functionality out of your new doors.

sliding door thresholds

Information about sliding door thresholds

Sliding door thresholds are available as single, double or triple tracks. The number of tracks depends on how many door panels your door opening needs. Sliding door tracks also give you the funtionality with two or three panel doors to slide them to the left or the right.

The sliding and fixed panels do not overhang the outside faces of the threshold on the inside of the room so panel clearance is not required. Therefore, whether you need new sliding doors to replace your old doors or need to plan new doors for your extension, we can help you achieve the ideal floor finish.

At the same time, sliding door thresholds need to keep your home protected from the weather and wind and provide effective drainage of water away from your doors. Water drainage is crucial as rainwater falls down your door glass, onto the track and away from your doors.

Any of our premium sliding door brands, have the thresholds and tracks designed to ensure the smooth operation of your sliding doors with effective weather protection.

Early planning and communication get you the best sliding door threshold.

For your new doors, getting the perfect result and doors you are happy with means communication in advance of you getting your new doors. For a new opening, get your door installer involved early in the process with your builder or architect. Many builders aren’t always aware of the complexities of sliding door tracks, and some even assume all sliding doors are the same. Crucially, getting the new opening built right ensures you get the step height you desire. It also avoids expense, delays and frustration modifying the opening if it’s set wrong in the first place.

Communication between your installer, architect or builder is even more important when you consider the dept of triple or quadruple track sliding doors. These substantial aluminium profiles go way deeper than a typical door frame. The structure your builder prepares must accommodate this substantial frame depth often at 180mm or more.

Also important is all parties involved in your property project the desired floor finish level, whether you’re having tiles, carpet, wood flooring or laminate. Your floor level needs factoring into what your builder prepares and the doors we create for you.

How sliding door thresholds drain water to the outside

All sliding door thresholds are designed with drainage. The many grooves you see on a sliding door track will understandably collect water as they’re not flat or sealed. However, engineering and clever design means any water drains out through carefully machined slots.

For new openings, there needs to be a facility for suitable drainage at ground level. Popular methods include the creation of suitable channels and drains or an ACO drainage product. Engineered to take rainfall or water away, these types of drains even look neat and discreet, hidden from sight or part of the architectural feature of your doors.

sliding door thresholds

Other considerations to get an attractive low threshold on your patio doors

For existing doors, the process is slightly more complex and it also depends on your particular property. We can discuss the various options with you to help you achieve a low step and easier access to the outside.

The flatter threshold will usually come with new doors in new openings as these are designed to work together from the outset. For existing doors the level may not be as low but still provide a better solution than your dated doors.

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