Scratches and marks on new windows

Scratches and marks on new windows or doors are rare as we quality check every product before we install it in your home. Our suppliers also have strict quality control procedures and certified quality processes too. They also check your new windows and doors before we received them.

In this article, we explain some characteristics you may find in your new windows, including minor marks and other things you might notice, and what these mean.

How we avoid scratches and marks on new windows

Scratches and marks on new windows

At Aspire Bifolds, we source all our windows and doors from the best suppliers, manufacturers and glass processors.  When we receive any new window, door or glass, these come protected with suitable tape, plastic wrapping, paper, card or other protective methods and materials.

What you also won’t know is the protection of your new doors and windows starts from the minute they’re painted in your chosen colour using the powder coating process. Protective tape is applied to all visible and important window surfaces. In fact, this tape stays on the profile throughout the manufacturing process as your window profiles move from saws to machining centres, to the workbenches where they’re hand-assembled.

The reason for this of course is to keep the painted aluminium profiles protected at all stages of the journey your new windows and doors make before you start to enjoy them. This tape is then removed when we finish the installation and clean down your products before handover to you.

Before windows and doors leave the factory, they’re carefully protected and with added protection on certain areas. Corners, bottom tracks and the handles and hardware are just some of these.

Of course, any visible damage we address and take care of immediately.  We also provide a 10-year guarantee as well as any manufacturer guarantees such as the 20-year warranty with our Origin range of bifolding doors, sliding doors or windows.

Both our manufacturers and our team at Aspire, strive to provide top quality products.  If you notice what you think is a fault or imperfection with your new windows, doors or glass we explain some of these for you.  Many of these are the result of the production methods used or tolerances set by professional organisations and glazing industry bodes. It doesn’t usually mean a fault with the product.

Marks on your powder-coated aluminium surfaces.

Every one of our powder coated windows and doors comes painted from one of two sources.  Systems companies such as Aluk or Smart Systems have their own powder paint plants.

Other suppliers use independent powder coating businesses. Whoever paints the aluminium profiles is certified to strict industry standards such as the global Qualicoat Standard.

Organisations such as Qualicoat monitor their suppliers, meaning they adhere to strict production, environmental and quality procedures.  No powder-coated surface is 100% smooth and flawless in appearance.  Minor inclusions such as tiny pips under the paint are normal and within tolerance.  The same applies to powder-coated surfaces with tiny bumps often called “orange peel”.  These marks are only visible from up close and not from a reasonable distance to the aluminium profile.

Current standards such as Qualicoat state that if such inclusions are not visible from 3 metres, then this is within industry tolerances and not a defect. (Source: 2019 Qualicoat Standard 16th Edition.)

Scratches and marks on new windows glass

Scratches and marks on new windows

Again, all glass is checked when it leaves the manufacturer for defects, but there are tolerances every glass supplier works with.

By nature of the materials and processes used to make glass and your units, some visual distortions, stains or ripples may be visible.  Often you see these viewed close up, from certain angles, or the way sunlight or artificial light hits your glass. This is not a defect.

The toughened glass we supply in every low-level pane and as standard in every type of door goes through a heat process. As a result of this process, you may see some roller-wave effect or a coloured pattern on the surface of the glass.  The Glass and Glazing Federation has guidelines and publications on what glass scratches and marks on new windows or doors are acceptable and within industry tolerances. We work with these guidelines and again there’s no fault with the product.

The glazing industry works like others on visual tolerances and never with the eye millimetres away from the product to spot any imperfections.

Understanding visual tolerances on glass

The major glass manufacturers such as Pilkington Glass and Saint Gobain are at the top of the supply chain and they are just two of the well-known names making the glass sheets every glass unit manufacturer uses for your new windows and doors.

Both these well-known names and others work to British standards, the Glass and Glazing Federation as well as other established standards.

The quality criteria for glass is similar across the supply chain setting a set standard all installers work with and defining what is and is not acceptable on a finished glass unit.

Saint-Gobain is one of our suppliers and you can find out more about Quality Criteria for installed insulated glass units.

Condensation on your new windows and doors.

Scratches and marks on new windows

It is not possible to eliminate condensation from windows and doors. However, any double glazed windows used with today’s glass specifications and window materials will help reduce it.

Internal and external temperatures, the time of the year and other factors are all reasons why condensation on glass and windows occurs.

Again the Glass and Glazing Federation offers advice and publications about condensation on windows. They provide details on steps you can take to reduce this in your home.  Other factors, such as condensation on the outside of units are normal in many cases. This is due to the high specification glass we use in your new windows and doors and the excellent energy efficiency properties.

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We are confident you will be delighted with all of our secure, energy-efficient and expertly-made products. Get in touch with us for more information and advice about any aspect of your new windows and doors.