Planitherm Noise Reduction Glass

Planitherm noise reduction glass works with your insulated door and window frames to help keep noise out.  If you live on the main road, a busy street, near an airport or anywhere with a lot of outside noise,  consider the glass in your new windows and doors.

planitherm noise reduction glass

A quieter home with Planitherm noise reduction glass.

When buying new windows, we suggest you talk to us about how glass helps keep your home quieter.  Of course, you also need to consider overall insulation in your home. However, if your home is generally well insulated, new windows help make a difference.

Additionally, not all double or triple glazed windows instantly make a home quiet.  First of all, any new window offers improvements over old, poorly insulated and single glass windows  Moreover, the glass construction is important. Acoustic glass helps for a very noisy or commercial environment.  For the home, having a quality glass such as Planitherm Comfort or Comfort Plus provides added protection from noise.

Enjoy peace and quiet with Planitherm’s Comfort and Comfort Plus glass with built-in noise reduction.  We offer this glass with our entire range of windows and doors and with added benefits for windows at the front of your home facing the road.

Not only does Planitherm noise reduction glass keep the noise out, but it also improves interior comfort as well as the other energy saving or security features.  We also offer noise reduction glass as an option with our toughened or laminated glass in our entire range of doors. Even our range of units with integral glass blinds suits noise reduction glass.

Therefore if you are looking at replacing your windows and doors, talk to us today and ask us any questions.

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