Planitherm Fade Protection for furniture

Planitherm fade protection offers protection from the ultraviolet light, the main cause of fading furniture and fabrics in the home.  The special coating in Planitherm glass protects your furniture and possessions thanks to its construction and coatings.

planitherm fade protection

Planitherm Fade Protection with Comfort and Comfort Plus Glass.

When furniture and fabrics remain exposed to sunlight, over time fading happens.  This is down to the sun breaking down fibres in the fabric as well as the chemical bonds. As a result, fabrics become brittle and break down over time.  Certain colours suffer more than others but eventually all fabrics fade.

Before technology found its way to glass, paying special attention to the choice of colour and fabric was important when buying new furniture. And because every fabric is different they fade at different rates.  Silk is particularly vulnerable to fading, whereas other fabrics having polyester fade less.  As well as this, darker fabrics tend to fade faster too.

For conservatories, sunrooms, and any room in your home exposed to long periods of sunlight, the Planitherm fade protection of Comfort and Comfort Plus glass offers a layer of protection.

The coating in the glass blocks out 99% of UV rays.  Therefore, curtains, blinds, sofas, cushions, rugs and much more stays protected. Therefore your possessions stay newer and looking good for longer.

Our glass options for our entire range of windows and doors comes from the leading glass processors and manufacturers.  As standard, we provide toughened glass to all our bifolding doors, sliding doors and low level glazing on windows.

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