Planitherm Comfort Plus Glass

Planitherm Comfort Plus Glass is the best in the overall range. Not only does Comfort Plus provide the perfect mix of interior comfort, but it also regulates heat loss in the winter and solar gain in the summer.

planitherm comfort plus glass

Planitherm Comfort Plus Glass, ideal for patio doors.

Are you looking to improve your home with a new patio door? Whether you want a sliding door or the latest in bifolding doors, Planitherm Comfort Plus glass makes the most of the big glass panels and masses of light these beautiful big doors provide.

With big glass panels also comes the issue of comfort in the room. For instance, doors on South facing elevations need the right choice of glass. You want to enjoy your views, but you don’t want an overheating room. Therefore choose Planitherm Comfort Plus, specially designed to offer light in the summer, warmth in the winter and comfort on hot days. Best of all every glass panel is toughened or laminated, also giving you excellent glass security.

Benefits of Comfort Plus Glass.

It is the special coating on Planitherm Comfort Plus glass working to block out around 50% of the sun’s heat*.  At the same time, more than 60% of your home’s internal temperature in the winter stays indoors.  As a result, you benefit from a cooler home in the summer and a warm one in winter.

With comfort comes security. The laminated glass layers work as a barrier protecting against glass breakage.  And should the glass break, it holds together.

Finally, inner glass layers prevent 99% of UV rays helping your fabrics or curtains.**

Find out more in this short video or contact us to find out more. Or why not visit our showroom to view our range of glass in windows and doors as well as the latest integral glass blinds. 

*Compared with a 4mm/16mm cavity/4mm (uncoated) Double Glazed Unit filled with air.
**Calculated from UV transmittance in accordance with EN 410.