Information about Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass offers an excellent solution if your house is near a main road, busy urban area and anywhere with background noise. As our towns and cities get busier and noisier, acoustic technology in windows and doors provides some help in making your home a more comfortable place.

acoustic glass

What is acoustic glass?

Acoustic glazing in a double or triple glazed unit combats noise levels for your home.  The glass units feature two panes of glass with an internal laminate of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). The PVB layer creates an acoustic mebrane, not only bonding two pieces of glass together but also giving the look of a single piece of glass.

As noise hits the window or door, the PVB membrane works by absorbing the energy created by external noise. As a result, this sound energy and its vibrations hit a physical barrier.  reduces noise by absorbing the sound energy and preventing the sound vibrations from travelling through the glass.

Furthermore, thickening the glass itself creates even more of a dampening core.  As a result, you get even better sound insulation.  And because acoustic glass uses laminate interlayers it also works as a safety glass. Consequently, should the glass break, the laminate layers hold the broken glass together. This means a burglar can’t get through it without substantial effort, noise and time.

Therefore acoustic glass reduces noise levels coming into the home by some margin. As well as external windows and doors, it is suitable for internal doors, partitions and general glazing.

Features and Benefits of Acoustic Glazing.

Subject to decibel levels, acoustic glass offers a noticeable difference in noise reduction as well as the perception of noise. Therefore upgrade your new windows and doors to acoustic glass and traffic noise, voices, planes and even sirens are noticeably quieter.

  • Acoustic glazing reduces the noise through a double glazed unit by up to 50% subject to the type.
  • Adds a valuable extra layer of security to your home thanks to the properties found in laminated glass.
  • Helps combat heat loss thanks to the overall glass unit construction as well as the acoustic glass. Therefore energy efficiency is also improved.
  • Also creates a better environment by absorbing UV rays.
  • Suitable for any new or existing window in aluminium, timber or PVCu.

Above all, acoustic glass is ideal for the front of the home with PVCu or any of our aluminium windows products.

Contact us for more information about acoustic units for the home.

With glass thicknesses from 6mm right up to a hefty 12.8mm, acoustic glass offers a realistic solution to interior noise and overall comfort in the home.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out more.  We offer acoustic glass for windows, sliding doors, bifolding doors as well as front doors.