Buying uPVC windows. What to look for.

Buying uPVC windows need not be a complicated process with the right help and advice.  At Aspire Bifolds, we offer a substantial range of PVCu windows from some of the best UK brands. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know on the many types of uPVC windows and what to look for before you buy.

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Information about buying uPVC windows.

Our quality range of uPVC windows offers many different styles and types. As a result, we offer windows to suit both traditional houses as well as contemporary homes.

uPVC windows are also described as PVCu. There is no difference between the two with the material itself the same.  Most quality brands use virgin polymer, even making the windows recyclable at the end of their life.

When buying uPVC windows, the interior construction is also important.  Many of the modern and highly thermally efficient windows use multi-chamber frames.  These multiple chambers not only contribute to the outstanding thermal performance, but they also provide window strength. Older windows use aluminium or steel reinforcement.  Therefore, ask your supplier what makes up the structural integrity of your new windows.

Another reason for wanting new windows in your home is better security.  Virtually every new uPVC window comes with internal glazing beads.  The glazing beads are part of the window frame, holding your glass in place.  Internal glazing beads mean the glass cannot be removed from the outside.

Window styles and designs.

When buying uPVC windows, choosing the right style to match your home is also essential. Now you can choose from all manner of opening window styles.  From outward opening casement windows to sliding windows or large picture windows. There is a big range to choose from.

Slimline PVCu windows.

Our Liniar range of slimline PVCu windows offers a neater look to conventional windows.  As a result, you get a more elegant looking window also with bigger panels of glass.  We suggest these windows as a general replacement window as well as an affordable window option in your new extension.

Timber look PVCu windows.

The ideal replacement for old timber windows, these classic windows offer all the aesthetics of wood windows with a flush casement design and a smooth streamlined appearance. The opening sashes sit within the frame with superb attention to detail.

Our timber look windows suit older houses, cottages and many Surrey homes already having flush casement windows.  They also work well in modern houses when chosen in a contemporary colour.

Sliding Sash Windows.

If you love the look of classic sash windows, uPVC windows come as a very authentic cost-effective option.  Perfect for any Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian house.  Our sash windows offer either a standard or a traditional construction.  Our traditional sash windows provide all the features of timber sash windows. These authentic windows also come with all the design details such as run through sash horns, parting beads, deep bottom rails and period window hardware.

French Casement Windows.

A French casement window offers you a practical and elegant solution for cottages or other houses with smaller windows.  These have a window mullion that moves away from the window when opening both sashes.  As a result, you benefit from a bigger opening window and better ventilation.

Tilt and Turn Windows.

For high-level windows and overall window convenience, take a look at the tilt and turn windows. These are ideal when you want security with comfort.  The tilt facility restricts how far the window opens making them ideal if you have young children. The turn facility brings the outside pane into the home, therefore letting you clean it without ladders or reaching out.

Tilt and turn windows also come in bigger opening sizes nearly at the size of a door. As a result, consider these for a Juliet balcony or a window looking out to a flat roof or terrace.

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Colour choices for uPVC windows.

One of the latest innovations in the latest PVCu windows is the vast choice of colours as well as textures.  While classic white windows remain available, you can also have white windows with a woodgrain foil.  If you want a contemporary looking window, plain colour foils in popular grey or black colours give you beautiful looking modern windows.

As well as plain colours are the latest woodgrain PVCu windows.  These advanced foils offer a very authentic alternative to wood windows.  An excellent example is our luxury Residence Collection of timber-look windows.  Seeing is believing with Residence 9 windows.  From the look and feel to the period hardware and traditional window joints.  These windows are outstanding in quality and performance.

Glass options for your new uPVC windows.

With glass making up more than 7o% of most windows, choosing the right glass units is essential.  The good news is most quality windows come with high specification glass as standard. Not only does glass provide most of the Window Energy Ratings, but it also offers interior comfort. In the case of doors and low-level windows, toughened or laminated safety glass also provides peace of mind security.

The glass we use in your windows and doors meets and exceeds current Building Regulations. We use a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, reflecting heat into the home. Between the panes of glass is argon gas providing an excellent thermal barrier.  Warm edge spacer bars on the glass unit edges supercede old metal and poorly efficient versions.

For cloakrooms, bathrooms or front doors, there is a big choice of obscure glass patterns. Also available with patterned glass is levels of obscurity, from reasonably obscure to very obscure.

Finally, for glass, there are many options for acoustic performance and privacy as well as the latest integral glass blinds.

uPVC window security and weather performance.

Every one of our quality PVCu windows comes with quality certification, security testing and weather performance as standard.  Subject to the style, windows come with secure locking systems, durable locking handles and inherent strength.

Ask about British Standards, Secured by Design and weather performance tests. Or visit our showroom for more information.

Top tips for buying uPVC windows.

  • Visiting a good showroom lets you see many different styles of windows all under one roof.
  • Ask about security and weather performance standards as well as Kitemarks.
  • Ensure your window supplier offers you colour options as well as many different types of window handles and window accessories.
  • Ask about deposit protection and the guarantees available.

Contact us for prices and to find out more.

At Aspire Bifolds, we offer all the help and advice you need when buying upvc windows to make an informed choice.  We take a headache out of all the many brands and help make your research easier.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements or visit our Epsom showroom.