Which is best? Residence 9 Windows or Evolution Windows.

Heritage Windows, Timber look windows, flush casement windows. These are all terms for the new breed of PVCu window designed to replicate and replace original timber windows in your home. Two of the best known brands are Residence 9 Windows and Evolution Windows. So which is best when it comes to timber replacement windows and heritage look windows?

white residence 9 PVCu windows

How to choose between Residence 9 Windows or Evolution Windows

There is something luxurious and superb about a new hardwood timber window. Timber windows look fantastic and are lovely to have in a home. Consider the original timber windows found in many period homes – they have lasted for over a century in some cases.

Timber windows will need routine maintenance to preserve their life, but they will last. PVCu windows require minimal maintenance. It is logical therefore that the window industry was to bring out a PVCu version of the timber window.

Timber windows are costly, and many homeowners with original wood windows just cannot afford them, but desire the look and feel. This is where Residence 9 Windows and Evolution windows come in. These are two of the most authentic looking timber replacement windows on the market. Not only do they look credible in place of the original window, but they also don’t need repainting or anywhere near the maintenance. They just need routine cleaning.

Timber look PVCu windows with modern technology as standard.

Both Residence 9 and Evolution windows have timber-look windows feature the latest generation, multi-chamber PVCu profiles designed to give you great energy efficiency. You can expect an A+ energy rating with both products as well as a choice of authentic woodgrain colours and even period looking hardware.

With both windows, you will get premium security and weather performance in line with quite stringent British and European Standards.

You may think timber look windows such as Residence 9 or Evolution are only suitable for old houses, cottages, or those with old wood windows to replace. Far from it. At Aspire Bifolds, we are fitting Residence 9 windows in new build homes and new extensions as well. The overall appearance of these luxury PVCu windows is appealing to homeowners in all manner of house styles. So how do they compare?

Features of Residence 9 and Evolution Windows.

When it comes to Residence 9 Windows or Evolution Windows, both are quite matched. Here is how they compare side by side.

 Residence 9 WindowsEvolution Windows
Product Guarantee20 years from Aspire10 years typically
Energy RatingA+A+
Colour Pallette11 standard colours10 standard colours
Timber look window cillYesYes 160mm or 200mm
Authentic wood appearanceExcellentGood
Flush CasementYesYes
Period HardwareExcellent RangeExcellent Range
Matching Doors AvailableYesYes
Ease of InstallationLess making good requiredMore making good required
Glass OptionsDouble or Triple GlazedDouble or Triple Glazed
Timber Look Joints ThroughoutYesYes
Frame Depth100mm82mm
Authentic Butt HingesYesYes
Luxury FactorVery LuxuriousPremium Quality

Both windows are great, but Residence 9 does have quite a few advantages over Evolution Windows, and it all comes down to the fine details – many of which you cannot see, but matter nonetheless.

The first is in the window construction. You would expect an original timber window to be handmade. Residence 9 windows are entirely mechanically joined. Evolution windows are part-mechanical and part-welded. The Evolution window has welded sashes on the inside and mechanically joined on the outside. We think this is a bit of a compromise. After all, if you want your windows to look entirely authentic, then they should have the features of the original timber window. Residence 9 windows do.

Technically the R9 window is better as well. Virtually every type of window has beads that hold the glass in place. Residence 9 windows use a bonded glass construction. We think it looks better and reinforces the technical merits of this fine PVCu timber look window. While very much a traditional looking window it also features the latest in glazing and glass bonding technology.

The second is installation. Any professional and competent window company can take out old windows and replace with new. However, there will usually be some ‘making good’ involved. Making good involves trims, quadrants or architraves to fill the gaps left by the old windows, that are typically deeper than the new ones.

Residence 9 frames are 100mm deep. Evolution window frames are 82mm deep. Consider that most old timber windows have frames of 95mm and you can see the Residence 9 usually means less making good is required, although every property is different. So while Residence is a slightly thicker window, this is logical. Residence 9 windows were designed from the outset to replicate exactly traditional wood windows.

The Residence 9 window is only about five years old, but it has taken the PVCu window market by storm. When it first came out, nobody could believe that such authentic detailing could be possible in a PVCu window frame. You have to see these windows in the flesh to appreciate just how fine-tuned they are in replicating the look of original timber windows. We encourage you to visit our showroom and see this product for yourselves.

Nothing can beat the look and feel of real wood or the luxury of a timber window. However, for those of you that desire these beautifully made windows but don’t want the cost of the maintenance, Residence 9 is the next best thing. The appearance is flawless, the quality is superb, and the window takes care of all the important details too.

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