FENSA Registered Installers in Surrey

When it comes to replacing your windows and doors or extending and renovating your property with a new extension, employing a professional window company is a must.  One way to ensure peace of mind is working with a local company and one that is FENSA Registered. Aspire Bifolding Doors are FENSA registered installers in Surrey.  We explain what FENSA means when carrying out home improvements and why it is beneficial to use a FENSA Registered Installer.

FENSA Registered Installers in Surrey

What is FENSA?

FENSA is the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme.  FENSA came about following changes to Building Regulations for double glazing, including installation.  The energy efficiency you expect in modern windows and doors is not just for the benefit of you and your home; it is also a legal requirement.

Buying new windows means they must comply with the current thermal performance standards and requirements as stipulated in the current Building Regulations. This means that you need to get a certificate stating that the windows are compliant. This certificate must be issued by a Competent Person scheme, and FENSA is the most common authority for this (Local Authority Building Control representatives can also issue the certificates).

At the end of your installation, we are required to issue you with a certificate confirming that your windows are compliant with Building Regulations.  Your FENSA certification confirms this.  You also have the option of self-certifying via your Local Authority and Local Authority Building Control representatives that have the authority to issue similar certification. This process will incur extra costs.

FENSA is the leading method for self-certification of compliance with the Building Regulations.  Using a FENSA Registered Installer means our products are fully compliant.  A FENSA Registered Installer provides convenience for you in not having to register your installation with your Local Authority.  We do this for you, saving you time and money.

As approved and registered FENSA Installers, Aspire Bifolding doors are part of the Government Authorised Competent Persons Scheme.  This scheme covers window and door replacements for England and Wales.

FENSA Registered Installers in Surrey. Aspire Bifolds Limited.

Our FENSA registration is your peace of mind that Aspire, as your local professional home improvement company are suitably vetted and inspected.  Aspire Bifolds has met and passed FENSA’s criteria for membership.  As part of our process to provide a first class service to you, you can expect.

  • A written professional quotation.
  • Impressive customer service dealing directly with the owners of the business.
  • Quality products sourced from the finest systems companies and providers in the UK.
  • A professional installation from trained installers with respect for you and your home.
  • Quality Insurance Backed Guarantees for your peace of mind.

Aspire Bifolds Ltd, FENSA Registered No. – 37061