Aluminium sliding patio doors frequently asked questions

At Aspire Bifolding doors we supply and install the market leading range of aluminium sliding patio doors. Available from Aspire is the market-leading Smart Systems Visoglide Doors, the world-renowned Schuco sliding door and the newest minimalist sliding door in our Origin Inline Slider.

You have arrived at our website possibly looking for information about the many different types of sliding doors available on the market. Let us answer some of the most common questions about sliding patio doors in your home.

Schuco ASS70 Sliding Doors

Where should I consider aluminium sliding patio doors?

We think that the size of your structural opening is one of the deciding factors in choosing a sliding patio door. While both bifolding and sliding doors will let masses of light and air into your home, sliding patio doors give you large glass walls, a picture frame effect in your home. A sliding door will also have far fewer vertical mullions when closed, giving you bigger glass panels.

Our advice is that if you are fortunate enough to have a large opening of four metres or more, a sliding door is perfect, giving you slim, sightlines and fantastic views.

Even if you think you want a bifolding door, we can help, but do come and see sliding doors too. You may be surprised in finding they are right for your home.

Do aluminium sliding patio doors have good U-Values?

A U-Value is the measure of the thermal performance of a sliding door giving you the expected heat loss from the inside of your home. The lower the U-Value, the better performing the door.

All our aluminium window and door products offer thermally insulated frames. However, because aluminium sliding patio doors use so much more glass, you also get much-improved U-values and excellent energy efficiency in your home. Contact us and we can explain how a sliding door can offer better U-Values than you might think because it uses less frame and much more glass.

Are aluminium sliding patio doors practical to use?

If you like to ventilate your home frequently, then a sliding door can be as efficient as a window or a hinged door. Sliding doors offer more controlled ventilation than bifolding doors because you do not need to fold the door set partially. A sliding door panel can be slid open as much or as little as you like.

In day-to-day use, sliding doors are also practical. All our products use the latest generation of components, rollers and running gear, giving you effortless operation whatever the size or weight of the door.

Sliding doors enable you to open the doors partially which is ideal for the cooler days or evenings without making your home cold. This can be more practical than a bifolding door that will often need at least one panel fully opened.

Are sliding doors better for views?

A two panel sliding door has just one vertical mullion. A three panel door has just two. These vertical mullions are slimmer than other types of doors, giving you more glass, less aluminium and altogether better views. Bifolding doors give you thicker sight lines because of how they meet together, slide and fold. Sliding doors do not.

If you live in the countryside or enjoy fantastic views from your home, we think you will enjoy these more with a sliding door.

Are sliding doors better for opening up to the garden?

When it comes to a full clear opening, a sliding door will not give you as wide an opening as a bifolding door, but they take up less space inside or out.

Folding doors need space inside your house or outside on your patio to stack and fold together. The more door panels, the thicker the stack and loss of space. Sliding doors slide within their existing space making them ideal for small patio areas or balconies.

Sliding patio doors slide along their track giving you a more streamlined appearance whether open or closed. Your decision is based on how you will use your sliding doors. With the British weather meaning our doors are closed most of the year, you may prefer the great views and large glass all year round rather than a full opening a few days at a time.

Is a flush floor possible with sliding patio doors?

Yes. We work with you or your builder to ensure the installation of your new sliding doors gives you as low a threshold as possible. Both sliding and bifolding doors will give you a low threshold. We frequently install doors separating a conservatory and the main house with sliding doors to great effect.

A sliding door utilises a different track arrangement to folding doors meaning you can still have them set low and have excellent weather resistance as well. Contact us, and we can demonstrate how this works.

Can I have sliding patio doors that meet in the corner?

Yes, you can. We offer our Schuco doors designed to have a fixed or invisible corner post enabling you to create a stunning glass wall corner with a sliding door on each side.

We can even work with your builder, so your doors slide into your new wall pocket disappearing altogether.

For the latest in aluminium sliding patio doors contact us today.

At Aspire bifolding doors we offer an advanced range of precision-made sliding patio doors in all types of sizes, designs, and opening options. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation or visit our showroom to find out more. Our latest generation suite of sliding doors will transform your home with style, security, energy efficiency, practicality and comfort.