Bifolding or Sliding Doors. What is best?

If you are thinking of extending your home or carrying out a substantial home improvement, bifolding or sliding doors are two of the best types of door that will transform your home with a contemporary large span door. Bifolding or sliding doors are designed to maximise the views out of your home and create a create link to your garden, terrace or balcony.

If you are not sure what is the best type of door for your home we offer some tips and advice on choosing between bifolding or sliding doors.

how to choose between bifolding or sliding doors

Bifolding or Sliding Doors. How they work.

A bifolding door is also known as a concertina door, a sliding folding door, a stacking door and even an accordion door. A bifolding door consists of anything from two up to eight or more panels, linked and together. The doors fold outwards or inwards and are then slid together to create a full opening, taking you seamlessly to your garden.

Sliding doors are designed to slide as full glazed panels within their frame. They do not slide as far back as bifolding doors, nor do they create the bigger clear opening, although solutions to this are now possible with latest generation doors having multiple panels that slide and even doors that disappear, sliding into the wall pocket.

What is best a sliding door or a folding door?

Your choice of a bifolding or sliding doors will depend upon many different factors. Each has its advantages in your home but also considerations in whether sliding or folding doors are right for every property. At Aspire Bifolds, we can help you choose the right door for your home with or expert knowledge and experience.

Bifolding doors advantages.

  • Ideal for properties with small to medium sized gardens extending your home to the outside.
  • Flexible opening with traffic doors, double doors or all doors sliding in one or two directions.
  • Perfect for narrow door openings.
  • Ideal as a two panel design to replace old French Doors.

Sliding Doors advanatages

  • Ideal for larger properties with big gardens or more than one door leading to the outside.
  • Sliding doors give you bigger glass panels and more light.
  • The sliding nature means doors will not intrude into your outside or inside space when open.
  • Sliding doors offer two ways of sliding open in inline or lift and slide.

Advantages of both bifolding or sliding doors.

At Aspire bifolding doors we choose to offer our bifolding or sliding doors from the latest generation aluminium. All professional home improvement firms rely on aluminium for its many benefits over PVCu when it comes to large span sliding doors.

Aluminium offers you a slimmer, stronger and more reliable door thanks to the strength of aluminium and less thermal expansion than other materials.

No other material offers the breadth of colour available for aluminium bifolding or sliding doors. Other materials rely on foils, wet spraying or other methods. Aluminium uses colouring and finishing processes that are tried and tested, used in heavy duty commercial constructions for over 40 years. The colours and durability of aluminium is second to none.

The latest generation of aluminium profiles found in bifolding or sliding doors is more thermally efficient and more versatile than ever before.

Aspire Bifolds are your local bifolding or sliding doors experts.

Visit our showroom or contact us today to view our products and let us help you choose the perfect doors for your home.

Unlike other local home improvement companies, we are not tied to one product, giving you a real choice in doors. Our bifolding doors are available in high quality affordable solutions, bifolding doors with 20-year guarantees and even the latest in ultra-slim bifolding doors with the thinnest possible appearance.

Sliding doors are also available from Schuco, one of the top brands in the world that are highly engineered yet remains affordable. Alternatively, come in and see the newest sliding door on the market in our Origin Inline Sliding door – the latest in minimalist sliding doors with hardly any visible aluminium, creating a contemporary glass wall.

All our bifolding or sliding doors come with precision manufacturing a professional installation and from a local company.