What are lift and slide patio doors?

If you are considering a new sliding patio door for your home, there is a choice of sliding door panels and how your doors slide open and closed.  You can choose from inline sliding doors or the latest lift and slide patio doors.

lift and slide patio doors in london

The range of Sliding Doors from Aspire meet the requirements of every home or new extension. Sliding patio doors are available in many different styles and designs. You can choose from two up to six or more panels to create stunning sliding glass doors with masses of natural light thanks to their large glass panels.

The difference between inline and lift and slide patio doors.

An inline sliding patio door is one where the sliding panels sit within their frame on all four sides. A simple unlocking of the door and pulling on the contemporary handle is all that is needed to open and close the door.

With a lift and slide door, the sliding panel sits behind the frame. The handle is multi-functional compared to an inline sliding door. The handle controls a series of door hardware positioned all around the sliding panel. Turn the handle and you’ll see the door panel lift back away from the frame, ready to slide to the desired position.

So whereas an inline sliding door simply slides along its tracks, a lift and slide door raises and then slides behind the tracks.

What are the benefits of lift and slide patio doors?

The main benefit of the lift and slide door is more functionality and opening options.

  • Lift and slide doors offer ventilation with some security built in.
  • Lift and slide doors are more versatile.
  • Lift and slide doors offer a tilt facility just like a window.
  • Lift and slide doors enable even the biggest doors to slide effortlessly.

Is a lift and slide patio door better than an inline?

Both inline and lift and slide doors are current generation sliding doors. Your choice of inline or lift and slide will depend on several factors, not least the number of tracks your door needs, how many sliding panels and the opening direction of your doors.

For large sliding doors in two panels, an inline door works great because one door simply slides behind another. Where doors have three or more panels in smaller sizes, lift and slide doors enable greater flexibility in the opening direction.

When it comes to security and weather performance, both inline and lift and slide doors offer exceptional weather protection and high security locking systems. Our doors are all fitted with the latest multi-point locking systems and excellent weather resistant properties. They even feature anti-lift security to prevent anyone prising the doors apart.

Whatever you choose, both inline and lift and slide doors offer you and your home.

  • Effortless and reliable opening and closing whatever the size.
  • Bigger glass panels and better views than folding or hinged doors.
  • High specification glazing for excellent energy saving.
  • Sliding doors don’t take up any inside or outside space like a hinged or a folding door.

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