AluFold Warmcore bifolding doors in Farnham

The replacement aluminium windows and doors provided to many homes from the 1980s to the early 2000s often saw these new windows and doors fitted with hardwood subframes.  The use of hardwood subframes for new windows and doors was either because the property dictated the use of a subframe or that the customer liked the aesthetic appearance.  

For many types of homes, it was the best look for the new windows.  The disadvantage of hardwood subframes was that they required regular care, staining and repair.

Picture of warmcore bifold in a house

Aspire Bifolding Doors helped transform one Farnham property fitted with aluminim patio doors within a hardwood subframe.  The homeower wanted to add the latest in bifolding doors to their home, while not moving away from the overall appearance of the house that had hardwood surrounds to other windows and doors. We were able to add value and a modern set of doors to the property while retaining the appearance with the existing windows in the house.

Alufold Warmcore Bifolding doors to replace old patio doors.

The Alufold Warmcore bifolding door is one of the very latest aluminium bifolding doors to hit the market.  Alufold offers superior design, engineering and quality.  Best of all, Alufold doors feature an innovative PVCu multi-chambered thermal core called Warmcore, that helps these modern bifolding doors achieve some of the lowest U-Values of any folding door on the market.

We worked with our customer to ensure his property benefitted from the latest bifolding doors yet retaining the original appearance of the house.  We provided a three panel set of Alufold folding doors with a brown RAL 8016 outer frame and white RAL 9003 door panels.  This dual colour arrangement has worked very well in matching the older windows.

Features of Alufold Bifolding Doors.

Alufold Warmcore bifolding doors have features and specification you won’t find on other aluminium bifolding doors.

  • Welded door leaves.
  • Mitred outer frame.
  • Colour matched gaskets and seals.
  • Premium quality Hafi door handles.


IMG 1985
The existing aluminium patio doors in a hardwood subframe and fitted with Georgian effect inserts within the double glazed units.


Alufold warmcore bifolding doors with brown outer frame in Surrey house.
A dual colour brand new Alufold bifolding door.  The outer frame is in Brown RAL 8016 to match the other hardwood surrounds in the home.  The door panels are powder coated in white RAL 9003.  The end result is a bifolding door with a direct fix frame, with the appearance of sitting in a hardwood surround.

If you have old patio doors or French Doors in hardwood surrounds and are interested in replacing these with a latest generation bifolding door, contact us today or visit our showroom.