Aluminium Bifolding Door Colour Options

If you are thinking of improving your home, a bifolding door may be top of your list. One of the benefits of aluminium bifolds is the large colour choice. There are over 150 different colours available, not to mention different colours inside and out; so what is the best colour for bifolding doors?

bifolding door colour options
Some doors such as our Alufold bifolding doors come with marine grade paint as standard.

The best colour for bifolding doors can depend on some different factors, but some thought needs to be given to a choice of colour that you will live with for many years. So what should you think about?

Colour differences between PVCu and Aluminium.

In choosing the best colour for bifolding doors, it helps to understand the different colouring processes between PVCu and aluminium.

White PVCu is widely available and is the natural colour PVCu is produced in without painting. White aluminium is powder coated as the natural colour of aluminium is silver. Left untreated and unpainted, natural aluminium will oxidise over time. For this reason, all aluminium is powder coated not only for the desired colour but to protect the external surface of bifolding doors.

When it comes to colouring PVCu, there are two choices available, painting and foiling. The paint process for PVCu is different for aluminium and is largely a wet paint process. Foiling is another method of colouring PVCu where the bare profile is expertly foiled in many different colours.

Aluminium is powder coated – a dry paint process. An electrical charge is applied to the aluminium as the powder is sprayed onto it, forming a bond. The aluminium is then placed in an oven curing the paint.

The advantage of powder coated aluminium is not only the difference in the painting process but the choices available. Aluminium bifolding doors in coastal locations can be powder coated with ‘marine’ grade paint guaranteeing the paint finish in exposed areas for longer. Pvcu only comes with standard warranties on the colours available.

Finally, you will find the variety of colours available much less with PVCu, compared to aluminium. Where aluminium colours are freely available, many PVCu colours are dictated by the wider supply chain.

Contrasting colour bifolds work in the home.

If you have recently replaced your windows with new PVCu or aluminium, it is quite likely they are white. With most bifolding doors at the rear of the property, a contrasting colour makes the bifolding doors stand out. There is no need to have white bifolds if you already have white windows.

Popular contrasting colours are Black RAL 9005 or Anthracite Grey RAL 7016. There are also some visually appealing colours such as RAL 7032 Pebble Grey that is a Grey Hue colour and very attractive as well.

Why are grey bifolding doors so attractive?

The industrial look of grey is hugely popular. There are over 20 different shades of grey available for you bifolding doors. These range from light or very dark colours to shades in between. Contact us or why not visit our showroom, take a look at our colours and browse our colour swatches?

Grey is a best-seller because it is contemporary in appearance and blends well with most types of home decor. It also provides a great tone for most types of floor coverings, modern kitchens and stainless steel appliances.

bifolding door colour options
vbifolding door colour choicesEven a bold colour like these Red Origin doors can look perfect with the right interior decor.

Our top tips for choosing the best colour for bifolding doors.

If you plan on staying in your home for the foreseeable future, it is safe to choose a bolder colour. If you are planning on renovating your home to sell, neutral colours appeal to a broader audience.

Consider the most appropriate colour if you like to redecorate the interior of your home often.

If your home has real wood in such as beams, floors or windows, consider our range of woodgrain aluminium bifolds. They provide all the advantages of aluminium with a very authentic woodgrain appearance.

Think about whether you plan on replacing other windows and doors in the future and what colour you will want for those.

Contact us for free advice on bifolding door colours.

At Aspire Bifolding Doors, we have installed a large number of different colour doors in local homes. Contact us for free colour advice and an informal chat. With summer fast approaching we fit your dream bifolding doors to enjoy as soon as possible.