Ultra Slim Bifold Doors – Who Makes The Slimmest?

As you carry out research into buying Bifolding Doors you will end up making a decision based on a  number of criteria.  What those criteria are will depend on your personal preferences and specifications.  In this article, we examine ultra slim bifolding doors and the importance of sight lines.

Slim Bifold Doors

In the majority of cases, bifolding doors will remain closed for most of the year.  So one of the bifolding door criteria you might be most concerned about is the thickness of the doors when they are closed; this is called a sight line.

Should you buy the slimmest bifolding door?

In our experience, sight-lines alone should not be the deciding factor. Sight lines and overall aesthetics are personal and in many cases subjective. A  two-panel bifold may look different compared to a larger folding door with five, six or even seven panels made from the same product. Therefore an ultra slim bifold door may not necessarily be the best type for your home.

Every customer requirement is different. A contemporary home extension may call for a slimline, flat and modern looking bifold, perhaps even the slimmest bifolding door.  If you have a new door alongside your existing PVCu or timber windows that have a more rounded and chamfered appearance, the slightly thicker bifold may be more in keeping with the rest of your house.

Are Slim Bifold Doors Structurally Weaker?

Aluminium is widely acknowledged for its thin profiles with inherent strength. It is easy to assume that the thicker the bifolding door, the stronger it will be; this is not the case with bifolding doors. Our Schuco product, for example, has sight lines of 120mm, yet can go up to heights of 3 metres.

Every bifolding door is designed differently, so sight lines do not affect the structural integrity of your new bifolding door.

Aspire Bifolding Doors: Helping you choose the right bifold.

We have put together a simple to use chart illustrating our current range of bifolds, showing the sight lines.  We are using figures provided by the respective manufacturers and based on when the doors are closed.

BIFOLDING DOOR SYSTEMTypical Central Sight Line
Smarts Visofold 600094mm
Smarts Visofold 5000108.5mm
Schuco ASS 70 FD120mm
Reynaers CF 77 SL122mm
Reynaers CF68131mm
Smart Systems Visofold 1000132mm
Reynaers CF77144mm
Alufold Warmcore Bifolding Doors147mm
Origin Bifolding Door154mm or 110mm

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