Lead Times for Bifolding Doors

We are often asked how quickly our Aluminium Bifolding Doors are made and installed.  The time taken from placing an order to your doors being fitted is known as the Lead Time.  Because every door we install is custom made, lead times for bifolding doors can vary depending on the system being installed and the specifics of your home.

lead times for bifolding doors
How quickly can you get bifolding doors for your home? With Aspire it could be in just seven days.

There are three common situations where we are installing bifolding doors:

  • You are replacing an existing sliding or hinged door with a bifold.
  • You are extending a large window, removing the brickwork below to accommodate a new bifold.
  • You are building a new extension, and a bifolding door is part of your design.

Most often, our customers ask us to supply and install their products, so our lead time for bifolding doors is from the confirmed order to the installation day.  However, on occasion, we may be asked to supply the doors for an independent builder or contractor to carry out the installation.  In this instance, our lead time is from confirmed order to delivery date.

Understandably, once someone has decided to place an order, they want to start enjoying their bifolding doors as soon as possible.

What can affect the Lead Times for Bifold Doors?

Aluminium is the most popular material for bifolding doors. However, the nature of aluminium has always made it difficult to obtain bifolding doors quickly. There are some good reasons why.

  • Aluminium takes longer to process than PVCu
  • The many colour choices available with aluminium mean doors take longer to colour, manufacture and fit.
  • Bifolding doors can not be manufactured until final and accurate measurements for the opening have been provided.
  • Bifolding doors are made to order so they are not sold from stock.

Is it possible to get bifolding doors when you want them?

Our lead time for bifold doors can be as quick as 7 days.  So how we make obtaining bifolding doors quickly possible?

  • We have access to all the leading bifolding door brands.
  • Origin bifolds are manufactured in a revolutionary factory which means an Origin door in stock colour is available virtually when it is needed.
  • If your opening, home and builder are ready, we can install in 7 days.
  • Whether as supply only or supply and fit we can work with you and your builder to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Every bifolding door is bespoke, and some homeowners want to customise their new bifolding door over and above. Items such as integral glass blinds, special colours and different colours inside and out are all special order items which will mean your doors may take a little longer. Contact us with all your questions, and we can help you.

However, with a favourite colour, glass and configuration, Aspire Bifolding Doors could make it possible for you to obtain bifolding doors quickly for your home.

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