5 Exceptional Reasons to Choose Alufold Bifolding Doors

Aspire Bifolding doors are your local bifolding door specialists, providing a quality range of folding doors for the home.  We carefully select our bifolding doors to bring you the finest aluminium bifolds in terms of design, performance and style.

Wide alufold doors at 1250mm
Alufold doors feature welded corners, colour matched seals, technical innovations and even a weathered low threshold.

One of our latest products is the new Alufold bifolding door.  The Alufold door is based upon the innovative Warmcore aluminium system, featuring a PVCu thermal core, clad with quality aluminium inside and out.  With this advanced system, you get the benefit of one of the best performing doors for U-Values there is.

Alufold also has many technical and design innovations.  We think it is one of the best bifolding doors currently available.

5 Great reasons to consider the Alufold Warmcore bifolding door.

The Alufold bifolding door differs from other products on the market because it is only made by the company that designed the product.  Other bifolding door brands have their bar length and accessories shipped to a nationwide network of fabricators all over the UK.

1. A highly engineered aluminium bifolding door.

Because one company only makes the Alufold door, quality is consistent every time.  Do your research, and you will find that very few bifolding door companies exclusively make their doors. Alufold is one such product.

The new Alufold bifold has addressed many of the features missing in many our bifolding doors.  In designing the new Alufold door, the problems associated with any bifold were addressed and made even better.

2. A better, technically superior folding door from Aluhaus

One of the most noticeable features around the new Alufold Warmcore bifold is the welded door sashes and the mitred outer frame.  Welding of aluminium has only been carried out on industrial and commercial doors to date.  Alufold brings all the benefits of welding to a residential folding door.

Compared to a mechanical joint, the welded door sashes are visually better; joints are virtually seamless and incredibly strong.  With a unique welded corner, it made sense to bring the same aesthetic to the outer frame of the bifold. Alufold doors feature a mitred outer frame.  Other bifolding door brands use square cuts at the frame that breaks up the line of the mitre. Alufold doors look better because the mitres flow from the glazing beads right through to the edge of the frame.

3. The best components and hardware possible with a bifolding door.

The hardware fitted to the Alufold door takes the industry’s most sophisticated locks, hinges, handles and gearing and makes them even better by re-engineering them.  All hardware is protected with an anodised finish.  Fixings are stainless steel and corrosion resistant; the door hinges are from extruded aluminium.  Even the door rollers are better with four wheels.

A common weak area of other bifolding doors is that large door sashes often slant when all the doors are in the fully open, stacked position. Alufold bifolds feature a unique ‘anti-rack’ system. Anti-rack enables every bifolding door leaf to stack and align precisely in the open position, preventing doors separating when folded open.  There is also safe-track that keeps the sliding components within their respective tracks.  Alufold doors have top guides that sit deeper in the head than other bifolds making for a more reliable and safer operation.

4. Alufold bifolding doors feature the biggest door sashes.

Do your research around other premium bifolds, and you will see most doors are limited to 1200mm maximum width.  Alufold doors exceed this to a 1250mm dimension.  The operational issues associated with wide and heavy doors are eliminated.  Doors leaves and glass are bigger, sight lines are improved, and less folding panels are required.

5. The finest handles and locks available for a bifolding door.

Alufold bifolds feature the premium Hafi handles – arguably the most desirable door handle on the market today. Flawless in its operation, beautiful to look at and a joy to use, no other handle sets off a new bifolding door like the Hafi stainless steel handle.

These fine door handles work with an advanced locking system, a high-security cylinder and makes Alufold secure, reliable and functional.

Why we recommend Alufold bifolding doors.

At Aspire, we have worked with many of the best bifolding doors on the market.  As good as other bifolding doors are, we think the new Alufold Warmcore bifolding door is exceptional in its design and specification.  There are even more innovations behind Alufold.

  • Alufold doors have some of the lowest U Values amongst bifolds without needing a triple glazed unit.
  • A unique method of fabrication and assembly.
  • RAL matched seals and gaskets, completely different to other doors on the market.

The Alufold door even provides a proper low threshold with a weather rating – something other bifolding doors cannot provide.

Contact us today to find out more about this advanced aluminium bifolding door and how it can transform your home.