Origin Blinds – Bespoke Solutions to Enhance your Home

Aspire Bifolds offer the perfect accessory for any bifolding doors, sliding door or window.  Our range of made to order glass blinds provides a modern aesthetic as well as privacy and shade when you need it.

origin blinds on bifolds

Enhance your home with Origin Bespoke Blinds.

Origin blinds are the final touch to your new windows and doors or if you want to add an extra touch to your existing glazed products throughout your home.

Each high-quality blind is specially created to complement your doors and windows while at the same time offering better levels of comfort, privacy and even energy efficiency. They are also luxurious, opulent and with all the latest child-safe features and more besides.

At Aspire, we can offer you six different types of Origin bespoke blinds. We provide a privacy and shading solution for every room in the home. Our range of Origin blinds comprises.

Origin Roller Blinds

Origin Roller blinds are a modern quality roller blind available as and electric product housed within in its neat fascia. Perfect for bifolds, lantern roofs and windows.

Origin Pleated Blinds

Our Origin pleated blinds are made to ensure providing a minimalist appearance and resting snugly against your glass. They also stay in position when doors and windows are open.

Origin Roman Blinds

Origin Roman Blinds offer a traditional fabric blind with premium quality materials. Roman blinds offer a great blackout blind solution thanks to their snug fit and therefore ideal for bedrooms. Roman blinds have a ten-year warranty.

Origin Glamour Blinds

For the finest in contemporary blinds for windows and doors, Origin Glamour Blinds provide total privacy with comfort and style. Layers of opaque and transparent strips alternative and move independently. A great solution for filtering intense light and minimising glare through windows and doors. Glamour blinds have a ten-year guarantee.

Origin Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are the classic slatted blind that are versatile and offer varying opening and closing options. They are ideal for windows and entrance doors as well as bifold doors if desired and come with a five-year guarantee.

Origin Vertical Blinds

Large bifolding doors, fixed window screens and other areas of the home benefit from Vertical blinds. These provide a large, vertical quality material that offers flexible opening and privacy options and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Manual or Automatic blinds, the choice, is yours.

Accessorise our entire range of windows and doors with a selection of mains powered, battery operated and manually operated blinds. There is even the option to have sets of blinds working together – ideal for large bifolding doors with many panels or clerestory windows.

Also available is a choice of two market leading power systems for our powered blinds. Lutron is the world leader in near silent, blind systems. The Origin system is also of superior quality and very reliable.

origin-blinds-rollerFeatures of Origin Blinds

  • A bespoke blind for any new or existing door and window.
  • Premium Quality materials with an intelligent, reflective exterior.
  • All year round benefits for your home.
  • Child safe features
  • Manual, automatic or remote control blinds available.
  • Five or 10-year guarantee

Contact us today to view our extensive brochure and colour swatches and find the ideal blind for your bifolding doors, entrance doors and windows. Contact us and take a look at our range of blinds that need no cleaning, won’t gather dust and retain the clean modern lines of your windows, sliding and folding doors.