Buying contemporary composite front doors

If you are thinking about a new front door for your home, there is a big range of doors to choose from. Composite doors vary a lot in quality, price, longevity and construction. So we take a look at contemporary composite front doors.

There are currently composite doors available that offer either a solid timber or a foam filled core. The foam filled composite door meets the basic standards. A solid core composite door exceeds them. So why are solid core composite doors better?

contemporary composite front doors

For composite front doors, a solid core makes the better door.

Our Rocal Endurance composite front door is the latest in composite doors with a solid timber core. In choosing the right product to offer you, we at Aspire looked at all the many different composite doors on the market from over 20 different brands. We decided that the Rocal Endurance composite door offers the best in value, design, quality and above all, security. After all, when you want a new front door, security will be at the top of your list.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take the ‘knock test’, and you will hear and feel the difference of a solid core door and a foam filled door.

Elegance, durability and premium security with Endurance Composite Doors.

Speak to any home improvement professional, and they will tell you just how good Rocal Endurance Composite Doors are. A quality Endurance front door has the very best materials with no compromise on quality. A Rocal Endurance front door is unyielding, ultra secure, and very energy efficient. It looks great as well.

The solid core construction is the primary feature of a quality composite front door. There are other solid core doors on the market, but only Rocal Endurance doors have a 48mm thick cross-bonded solid wood core, from engineered timber.

This quality solid timber core is regarded by every door professional as better than the cheaper composite doors also known as GRP (Glass Reinforce Plastic).

Choose an Endurance door from Aspire, and you will get a door that is better, more stable, lasts longer and is stronger.

Rocal Endurance doors also feature the best in PVCu outer frames with a five chamber insulated core. You can configure your new front door as a single door, double door, door with side panels, a glazed panel above or an individual combination screen.

Want an even better front door? Endurance Plus is the ultimate door.


The Endurance Plus takes front doors to the next level.  Endurance Plus provides a door that is nearly 30% thicker than other doors on the market.

The Plus door has a 56mm thick solid timber core.  It is made from 20 layers of engineered Kerto laminated veneer lumber (LVL). There is no other door that is as solid or as secure.

What makes Rocal Endurance Doors Secure?


In doing your research around secure composite front doors, you may find labels such as PAS24, Secured by Design, BS7950 and other recognised standards. Rocal Endurance doors are put through extensive testing to meet all the British and European standards.

Doors undergo a series of attack tests using a variety of tools, methods, types of attack. These tests focus on the common ‘weak points’ of many doors, and it is here that the quality door stands out. Endurance doors are even attacked with a sledgehammer as well as established methods of trying to prise a door apart.

If a secure front door matters to you and your family, we think Endurance doors are the best door to give you peace of mind, excellent security as well as a fantastic looking front door.

Our doors feature the very latest Secured by Design Accreditation as well as meeting the very latest security standards for new homes, Document Q. We fit to your new front door the best in multi-point locks and Avocet ATK cylinders – one of the best door cylinders on the market. The manufacturer even offers a £1000 compensation in the unlikely event that your door is broken into through snapping the cylinder.

Your front door is secure, but can it look great?

Rocal Endurance doors come with impressive designs, colour options, hardware choices and a range of accessories to personalise your front door.

  • 18 different colours.
  • Replicated traditional door designs or have a contemporary front door.
  • A huge choice of handle styles and colours.
  • Automatic locking available.
  • Premium Quality Glass units.

Rocal Endurance doors even come with the latest in secure period hardware. The Heritage lock available with our doors gives you the traditional locking of an elegant Georgian door. The door cylinder is positioned higher than standard, typical of the period.

Colour options for contemporary composite front doors

Endurance doors come a choice of different colours inside and out as well as a selection of colours that match the door to its frame. Choose from

  • Standard black and white
  • Cream
  • Chartwell Green
  • Turquoise Pastel
  • Pebble
  • French Navy
  • Racing Green
  • Rich Red
  • Anthracite Grey and others are on offer.
  • For wood effect finishes the choice includes:
  • Irish Oak
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood

If you would like a brochure or to see this exceptional door and obtain a price, contact us today.