Conservatories, Orangeries and Glazed Extensions.

The home renovation and the creation of a new extension is the latest trend for London houses that are benefitting from increasing house prices. Instead of moving to a larger home, families are choosing to make the most of their existing property. A well thought out home renovation and new extension not only adds monetary value to a home but in many cases can cost less than the stamp duty and other fees involved in buying a new home.


As more and more people choose to add space and value to their homes, they will find new choices in conservatories and orangeries. Conservatories and orangeries are very much still available, but there is also a range of new products called the Glazed Extension.

What are Glazed Extensions?

A glazed extension is a term that has recently come about by the home improvement sector. The reason for this is that there are now so many products that ‘add the extra room’ to the house that are completely unlike a traditional conservatory or orangery.

Glazed extensions can either be a proper constructed addition to the home, a glass room, a modular product and a kit product. You can even buy extensions that are fully fabricated, decorated and built off site with all the windows, doors and internal fixtures and fittings included, then fitted into position in one or two days. The conservatory has very much moved with the times.

What is a conservatory and what is an orangery?


The same applies to the conservatory and orangery market. There is a huge range of ‘conservatory systems’ on the market with a huge choice of roofs, windows and doors.

A conservatory remains a structure that uses a built base to sit on. With the built base, there may also be dwarf walls. With a conservatory, the overall construction is largely aluminium, PVCu or timber having glass walls and a glass roof.

An Orangery differs somewhat in that it contains far fewer windows and glass than a conservatory. An orangery will comprise constructed pillars and a base, a pelmet, a visible parapet and other and other structural details. On an orangery, the roof, doors and windows tend to be separate rather than all joined. Orangeries tend to have more brick and stone than a conservatory, and many regard these as the more useable all year round room.

What is best? A conservatory, an orangery or a glazed extension?


If you are thinking of extending your home, there is a lot to choose from. One of the big developments in recent years has been the quality of the roof products available. As well as the traditional conservatory roofs such as Edwardian, Victorian, Lean-to’s and P-Shaped, there are now even more choices than ever before.

Roof systems have developed into very advanced products that work just as well on their own as they do as part of a glazed structure. While there are still standard conservatory products available, we think there is no one size fits all with so much choice in windows, doors, sliding and folding doors, glass rooms and roof systems.

The way your new glazed extensions are built has also changed. Sophisticated systems now exist where the key elements of a new orangery are supplied with the windows and doors, such as our new Skyroom. Products like Skyroom give you all the authenticity of a mock orangery at less cost than having one built.

Above all, modern roofs, windows, doors and glass is better, stronger and more insulated than ever before. Gone are the days when a glass room in your home was too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Best of all they are easier and better to build and install than ever before.

Thinking of a new Glazed Extension? Contact Aspire.

glazed extensions

At Aspire Bifolds, we offer several solutions if you are thinking of improving your home with what is now called, A Glazed Extension.

If you have an old conservatory installed, talk to us. There are now brand new products on the market that can use the existing structure of an old conservatory and transform it with the latest roof, glass as well as windows and doors. This new trend to refurbish a conservatory offers great solutions and convenience compared to having a new one.

If you are thinking about adding an extra room to your home, we offer a range of solutions. We can help you design a stunning orangery, glazed room or any design and size. Our range of roof products features lantern roofs, skylights, walk on glass, lean-to and contemporary roof products.

Our entire range of aluminium or PVCu windows and doors all work with our range of roof solution to provide you with a new glazed extension that will add value to your home, provide much-needed space and be more affordable than ever before.

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