How much do bifolding doors cost?

If you are thinking about purchasing a set of bifolds, one of the obvious steps is to research how much bifolding doors cost.

How much do bifolding doors cost

Understanding what bifolding doors cost.

As consumers, we have become used to getting instant prices, or even online ordering, for just about any product.  A quick look around the internet and you may see prices quoted for bifolding doors.  However, you will also see many specialist bifolding supplies not publicising their prices.

This is not a tactic to get into your home and commence the pressure sales pitch. A quality bifolding door is difficult to price because it is bespoke.  You will rarely see prices for high-quality bifolding doors simply because they are made to order, and two sets of doors are rarely identical.

Cars, kitchens, even new build properties from a developer. All these have a standard price list that you then build on with your choice of personalised options.

For a car it may be leather seats or air conditioning, a kitchen may be to the finest German appliances, for a house an upgrade to better carpets or a turfed garden. Bifolding doors, and especially the Origin bifolding door is a completely bespoke and individual door that you can customise any way you wish.

Another factor to consider when thinking about how much bifolding doors cost is knowing that this is a product you will have in your home for many years to come.

The next important thing to remember about bifolding door prices is their quality, and very importantly, who makes them.

Where your door comes from affects the price you pay.

The door and window supply chain in the UK is complex. It is easy to assume that your local home improvement showroom is the company that makes your doors. There are over 14,000 window and door companies in the UK, but what you may not know is that only about 900 of these are manufacturers.

The home improvement industry buys its windows and doors from many different sources. There are fabricators, trade counters, resellers and online stores. All of these may offer a variety of bifolding doors, but once again you will find a standard product and little by way of personal options.

Most other makes of doors and even other premium brands, in fact, come from a network of fabricators that all make the same brand of a door but in different factories. They buy their aluminium from one supplier, their hardware from another and their glass from another again. Some even outsource the painting.

As good as these bifolding doors may be, there is never a guarantee of consistent quality. These fabricators are also fighting for business, and we see many other brands of bifolds at rock bottom prices with cheaper handles, inferior locks and thinner paint finishes. Good news if you want a door at the cheapest possible price but not so good for choice and long term reliability.

Origin is one of the best bifolding door designers and manufacturers in the UK. Origin is also only one of a handful of companies in the UK that make their bifolding doors from start to finish.  The fact that only Origin make Origin doors is your peace of mind that quality is consistent every time and your door is fully traceable in the unlikely event of a fault. Origin bifolding doors are the only doors with a unique serial number as well.

The fact that your door only comes from one manufacturer also means Origin doors have a 20-year guarantee that other bifolds cannot match.

So how much will an Origin Bifolding from Aspire cost?


At Aspire we do things differently. Contact us for a price, and you will find fantastic prices for bifolding doors.

  • We use sophisticated pricing software to price your door. If your bifolding door reduces in size from the original quotation, the price will go down. We don’t operate standard price lists based on size parameters.
  • Our overheads are low so we pass on the savings to you.
  • We buy directly from the manufacturer keeping prices competitive.
  • We know bifolding doors!

And because we are aware every property is different, we work within your budget, your design ideas and your property style.

We will create your dream bifolding door to your sizes, choice of colour, handle options, glass choices and much more besides.  Our goal is that you will regard your new bifolding doors as an investment that adds value to your home.

Contact us today for a competitive and accurate price.